The Nagamaiki Smallholder Pig Producer Company Limited was formed with the intention to bridge the gap assessing the current situation of demand for pork meat, and the lack to fulfil these demands. It was formed under the Company’s Act of 2013 and was registered on 27th April 2017. The sole owners of the company are female farmers and the entire operation would be managed by these women.

In Nagaland, when compared to other livestock species, pig rearing has a higher potential to contribute to more economic gain for small and marginal farmers in a shorter span of time. Further, the inclusive involvement of women in the piggery enterprise is the major vision behind the aim of the establishment of the Farmers Producer Company.

Nagamaiki currently has 562 shareholders from 19 villages. 200 members from five villages have availed loan in the First Phase and 8.8 Metric Ton of Compound feeds have been distributed to the beneficiaries.

Setting up mini- breeding units in the districts for the supply of quality breed piglets to its members and the production and supply of quality feed are key factors in the business of pig breeding. The growth of pigs largely depends on their feeding regime. The concentrated compound feed is one of the most critical components in the piggery enterprise. Nagamaiki has started constructing decentralized feed mills which will produce and supply concentrated compound feed to its members in the near future.