The project recognizes the contribution of the NGOs sector towards sustainable community development through community outreach and motivating the community to participate in projects to improve quality of their. Hence the NFMP plans to strategically engage and partner with NGOs to strengthen its implementation mechanism.


The expected key deliverables of FNGOs are:

  • Community mobilization, micro planning
  • Formation of SHGs and build capacities to manage revolving funds
  • Support for livelihood improvement
  • Strengthen the capacities of JFMCs and SHGs, capacity building of animators
  • Other support and facilitation activities
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Recruitment and deployment of professionals


Forest Management Models under NFMP:

  1. Jhum Agroforestry (JAF) Model (Agroforestry during cultivation period).
  2. Jhum Fallow Forestry (JFF) Model applicable to active recent fallow/ open fallow (Agroforestry during Fallow period).
  3. Jhum converted to Forest (JCF) Model applicable to Jhum Fallows (which have been already abandoned or proposed to be discontinued by the community decision, will be put under permanent forestry).
  4. Jhum conversion to Conservation Area (JCC) Model (to be undertaken on discontinued Fallow-degraded/ Open Forest).
  5. Protection or Expansion of existing Community Conservation Areas (PEC) Model(applicable to area where communities have already initiated community conservation, to recognize and incentivize sustainable and equitable conservation.