A Model School alongside a KGBV Girls hostel in Wanching Village of Mon district has been initiated in 2021. The Model School project is supported by a convergence of many government departments such as the Education Department of Nagaland, MNRE, Power Department, Public Works Department (PWD), and The Department of Under Developed Areas (DUDA), with ECS as the implementing agency.

The school and hostel buildings were built about 7 years ago under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhinav (RMSA) but were not operational until 2021. The campus is located away from the main village and is about 45 mins walking distance. It is located in a scenic setting amongst farmlands of the village. As a result of it being in a remote location, it is devoid of many basic infrastructure facilities. The NRE department came forward and contributed 15 solar street lights and 13k WP Solar Power Plant. The Power department helped in with external wiring and a transformer connection to the school. The PWD has agreed to construct the 1.5km bad road that leads to the school from the village.

The hostel accommodates 103 students and the school has a total of about 129 students. The students are from the villages of Wanching, Wakching, Wakching Chingla, Chingpoi, Tobu, and Wanching Yongmüoh. The education of the children is being supplemented by a lot of focus on practical learning.