ECS with support from the Dept. of School Education, Nagaland initiated a Mobile Teaching Unit (MTU) project to improve and strengthen the existing education services provided by the Government in rural areas of Kiphire district, Nagaland.

With limited teachers in the village primary and middle schools, the syllabus is often not covered completely during the academic year. Therefore, the concept of MTU was initiated so as to support the schools, especially in Math and science subjects. The Mobile Teaching unit was started as a pilot program in Tuensang in 15 villages with support from the Education Department of Nagaland.

Currently, the MTU covers around 15 villages in Kiphire District in Nagaland. A team of graduate youth, oriented and trained by the MTU team leader, volunteers for the program, and visits the schools spending 5 days in each village. In each academic session, a total of 3 visits are initiated by the MTU Team. The activity and lesson plan is done in consultation with the school teachers, the Village Education Committee, and the Church. The Church supports the accommodation, food, and other logistics during the team visit.

The key objective of the MTU project is for students to acquire basic knowledge about mathematical concepts, formulas and apply them in daily practical usage; learn about the role of science in their daily lives; and understand and use the English language appropriately while reading, writing, and speaking. Good listening skills, demonstrating attention to details, ability to get along with others, ability to work in a group, exercising self-discipline, level of confidence, and participation level of each child are assessed. In the evenings the children are provided life skill education, counseling, mentorship, and the whole group engages in fun activities such as singing, sports, etc., post the sessions.