ECS Life Connect is an Integrated Project supported by HCL Foundation to improve healthcare access in the eastern region of Nagaland. It is a five-year project awarded to ECS under the HCL Grant 2017-18 in the category of health and was selected from a list of 3,449 NGO applicants through a very extensive due diligence process involving several months.

Initiated in 2018, the project covers 72 villages; 30 villages from Tuensang, 25 villages from Mon, and 17 villages from Longleng with the objective of developing and delivering a comprehensive primary health care program with a special focus on children, adolescents, and women.

The project is built around the experiences from earlier programs and puts a thrust on strengthening health care delivery by mobilizing community participation in the process. It focuses on the delivery of efficient outreach and reaches out to the remotest villages using technology. Intensive training and supervision support are provided to the health care providers to improve the quality of treatment and care.

The other important focus is on bringing in other initiatives like nutrition, livelihood, water & sanitation, etc through inter-sectoral collaborations.